Feb 14, 2011

Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Egg-trance at the Grammy's

What?   I'm exhausted.   And it's funny.
I literally just tweeted that I missed the Grammy's entirely this year- probably for the first time since I discovered there WERE Grammy's.   I had things to do.

But, for the few seconds when I logged on I saw a headline that made me laugh and then wonder just what was so funny...and can I ask, is Laurieann Gibson drunk?   I love her work- girl can dance and more importantly, she can get others to dance- bust that was one of the weirdest interviews I have ever seen Ryan do (start at approx 53 seconds).  I probably would have taken this thing a lot more seriously if Tweedlette Dope and Tweedletter Dopier hadn't been there.   Thanks to the 'supermodel' one, I now know that Gaga's heart beats at 126 beats per minute.   I also know that Laurieann has never had a baby because she interrupted Ryan to ask the other slaves 'Is she dilating?'   Ok hun- here's how it works- the one giving birth has to dilate...the baby is just what comes out...

My sister and I had a theory that Gaga was sitting back in her hotel kicking back and eating pizza while some poor girl was trapped in the egg in her place.   We also wondered if they practiced what they would do if they dropped her.  
Gaga, hire a new entourage- I expect you to roll in on the back of Aslan next year, in a kicking lion girl costume, surrounded by Na'vi.   Real ones.   Please don't disappoint.

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