Feb 8, 2011

Lady Gaga Unveils Bold 'Born This Way' Single Art

I like it..I figured I would anyway but it's nice to see she is still red hot and on fire- looking forward to the new album!

Lady Gaga unveiled the artwork for her "Born This Way" single via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 8), just three days (or "trois jours," as she so eloquently tweeted in French) before the song is set to finally premiere.

The "Born This Way" art reveals a topless Gaga with her bare back to the camera and an ornate tattoo over her left shoulder. Though her outfit is minimal as can be, her look is as anything but, as Gaga sports a wild mane of hair, thick cat-like eyeliner and pointy protusions from her forehead, cheekbone and left shoulder.

"Born This Way" was originally slated to premiere on Grammy night (Feb. 13), but was pushed up yesterday when Gaga tweeted, "Can't wait any longer, single coming Friday." The pop star is clearly anxious for the world to experience her latest pop opus: last month, she personally leaked the song's lyrics and credits on Twitter as a thank-you to her fans.

DJ White Shadow, who is listed as the single's producer along with Gaga and Fernando Garibay, told Billboard.com last week that the song was recorded "around the world" and that it "sounds like it reads, but not like you think until you hear it."

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