Feb 19, 2011

Kurt Schneider & Jake Bruene "Rocketeer" Cover (video) = How "The Rocketeer" Scared Me

Kurt (and Jake I guess) you are so supremely talented.   Please stick to the amazing power ballads and rock or pop songs that you do so superbly.   Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it, but this is not your best work and at this point you are so good at this we just have a super high bar set for you...

Because this video is a bit of a letdown aurally (that's sound for your ears pervert) I'll tell about my own Rocketeer themed story.   When I was in third  or fourth grade the movie 'The Rocketeer' was hugely popular and ended up being a movie that a bunch of us watched at a friends sleepover birthday party.   I was not allowed to watch movies and the girl's mom made me call my mom to ask permission but when the subject came up and I had to tell my mom on the phone, I omitted the second movie and only divulged that we were watching The Little Mermaid (it was true, we did, much earlier in the evening).   I remember a lady in a gorgeous white dress, a fish tank, in a restaurant, the dude in the rocket suit...and the huge giant scary German guy who ended up burning on the dirigible (according to IMDB it is actually a Zeppelin, sorry), but only after he tortured and killed a guy in traction at a hospital.   Believe me when I tell you I did not sleep in my own bed for MONTHS after that (for some reason I translated the movie into meaning that someone with a giant knife was under my bed and would kill me from that hospital scene).   Every morning I was woken up by my mom as she picked me up from where I was curled in the fetal position on the floor in front of her bedroom door.   Yeah- it affected me THAT much.

Years later (many, many years later) I re watched the movie and I can honestly say I have absolutely no idea what affected me so badly the first time- but I now know that Jennifer Connelly was the gorgeous lady in the white dress and yes, there were fish tanks in the restaurant.

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