Feb 1, 2011

Kevin Smith on Chelsea Lately...Is Ralph Mad?

If you haven't listened to Hollywood Babble On yet, you need to- and if you have you would know that Ralph Garman has a thing against Miss Handler.   Ok, it's bigger than a thing it's more an epic vendetta of sorts.   Anyway, Kevin appears on her show to promote Red State...anyone heard from Ralph yet?

For the records- Kevin mentions that 'bloggers' attacked him regarding his Sundance showing- I am not one of those.   I feel the need to state this because A) I don't want it to be misunderstood B) I blogged some of the reviews because I am fascinated by the entire thing and C) I have tweeted Kevin Smith, Malcolm Ingram, Scott Mosier and others from the Smod Pods with no response EXCEPT from the ever awesome Brian Maxwell so in case they are reading this- I AM A HUGE FAN AND LOVE THE SMODS!!!!

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  1. Chelsea Handler IS a talentless cunt