Feb 21, 2011

Kanye West - All of the Lights feat. Rihanna (video)

I agree completely with Kelly at INeedMyFix (see tweet below video) except I am not as willing to give compliments to Kanye until he shows humility with regard to his own talent.   I am not denying it- he is super talented, but it is such a turn off to know that he knows it too, and reminds us all the time.   Great song though!   I wonder if there have been any reported seizures induced by the lights at the end of the video?   I had to look at another part of the screen for that- and I have a few questions:   Why is Kanye standing on top if a row of police cars with flashing lights parked in an alley?   I caught that he was showing of his sneakers- are they the Nike's from the new Kobe/Kanye ad?   Why won't Kid Cudi face the camera fully?   Who else thinks Rihanna looks AMAZING and now wants fire red hair too? (ME!)

Ineedmyfix (@Ineedmyfix)
2/20/11 8:59 AM
Kanye West 'All of the Lights' Feat. Rihanna (Video) http://dlvr.it/H58Zl #Celebrity #Kanye_West

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