Feb 21, 2011

Justin Bieber Cut His Hair!!!

I feel like I shouldn't care but I do...although I will say my two year old nephew had his hair cut a few days ago so not convinced we should give Mr. Bieber all the credit...but he looks so much better!
The Biebs underwent a little snip-snip today while on the set of a music video for a song he did withRascal Flatts -- that's Gary from the group (above) having a little fun with the scissors. (Ed.'s note: Kids, don't play with scissors

On TMZ Live today, Justin said the actual cutting was done by his regular hairdresser Vanessa. He said he was a little nervous about the cut, but he "wanted to change it up" and he thought the cut was "kind of a mature look."

They grow up so fast.
UPDATE:  The hair that was cut from Justin's head has been collected and will be doled out to a few organizations for charity.  TMZ is getting a lock and we're going to use it to raise money for some animal charities.
He totally makes the same face as my nephew too.

Weho Daily (@WehoDaily)
2/21/11 5:31 PM
will lesbians follow suit? RT @TMZ: The very fabric of the universe was altered today: Justin Bieber got a haircut http://bit.ly/ecogQ8

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