Feb 17, 2011

@JBrazilMusic shares Why You Mom (listen)

If you haven't heard J Brazil before, you really haven't been reading my blog- among other things!

J Brazil is super talented and a great guy too- for those of us who knew him before he started releasing his music for everyone to hear, we know there's a lot more to him than the funny guy in glasses who shows up at events ready to party and play.   He shares a small part of what makes him such a great artist here- with the song he wrote dedicated to his mom, who passed when he was very young.   For those of you on the East Coast- catch your last chance to see him before he moves over to the best coast, the LEFT COAST! More details after the jump...

J Brazil (@JBrazilMusic)
Now it works on my blog again :) haha THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU WHO REQUESTED TO HEAR THIS SONG FOREVER ALREADY ....... http://fb.me/HUkWVgxH

Happy Birthday mommy. May you rest in peace, look out for me. Watch over me and guide me as you already have. Leading me in the right directions.
Why You Mom
I miss you so much. It’s been a little over 13 years now. I still think of you everyday and wonder “why you mom”.
I remember because you were so overly friendly I was embarrassed. I turned out just like you. It’s lead me to a great and happy life.
Thank you for life!

FREE GoodBye New York Show

So the show / GoodBye New York party is official. Saturday night February 19th. Free Party!! Come say hello and GoodBye :)

If you thought you knew how to party, let me show you! First off I will be there with DJ Sam Bell and DJ Kiss. Just make sure you bring crazy with you. Bring your friends. Drink ourselves STUPID.
You coming?

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