Feb 19, 2011

@jamesfranco Welcome to Twitter!

Can I just say that the video and tweet below excite me to no end for reasons I cannot accurately convey in words right now?   I'll try anyway.

If I were going to gush and wax on about one actor today (besides my  other husband, Ryan Gosling) it would have to be James Franco.   He intimidates me because he appears very accomplished in vast areas that you wouldn't necessarily expect and he has taken on some amazing movie roles.   In addition to acting, he paints and writes.  I can forgive him for Pineapple Express because he was in Tristan & Isolde and I am anxious to see his work in 127 Hours (but I am afraid I will cry so I am waiting for it to come out on Netflix so I can watch it alone).  Not many people seem to know about the movie Flyboys but I watched it one weekend and immediately after told my husband I was bumping James Franco to the top of my free five list (Sorry Ryan, you are still my #2 though).
Do I ever expect that to mean anything or affect my life in any way, absolutely not- I retain no illusions and am realistic that the chances of my ever meeting him in that way are non-existent.   But dreams are what keep the world interesting and aspirations give us drive and determinations, so I whole heartedly welcome James Franco to twitter and look forward to more videos and to reading his tweets over and over again.   

James Franco (@jamesfranco)
2/18/11 1:06 PM
Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter! This is my FIRST tweet... http://say.ly/CgT9a1

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