Feb 17, 2011

Gregory Gorgeous- All the Hot Ones Are Gay

Last night I stumbled onto what could possibly be the most entertaining YouTube Channel ever, belonging to Gregory Gorgeous.

I watched about ten videos and decided to go all the way back to his first video...and hours later I am almost sort of caught up.   He is fantastic!   I mean, can we talk about  those cheek bones?

At first I kept catching myself thinking how cute he was, then remembering he was a boy putting on makeup, then thinking it was odd to watch a boy preen and admire his makeup - and doing it WELL, then wishing I could apply my foundation like that, then remembering that I can, and then feeling like it was very very wrong for me to be watching a 17 year old boy but reminding myself that he was seventeen when he made the videos but he is older now...needless to say, I am a subscriber now and totally addicted to the hilarious, sometimes self-deprecating but always perfectly made up Gregory Gorgeous...

If you want to be scandalized- check out his music video (OMG ABS!)
Ashanti - Only U music video - Gregory Gorgeous

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