Feb 14, 2011

Grammy Red Carpet Fashion

I am just as excited as you are to read all about the Grammy fashion and performances- but I am also able to admit that there are many, many more well equipped writers out there who were at the actual show who will push out tons and tons of coverage all about it for me within the next few days...so i am going to save myself the trouble of trying to compete and just comment when something truly amazing or hideous passes my way.

Until that time- comfort yourself with the fact that TMZ is already on the ball with this:
2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Fashions - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

OMG- I was up to the 3rd picture- Jennifer Lopez and already I had to come back here and update- Miley Cyrus is #2- they need to switch dresses.  Right?!?

Yeesh- it happened again- Eva Longoria #19 needs to switch with Selena Gomez #20 asap too!

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