Feb 15, 2011

GoCrossCampus Music Video - Kurt Schneider & Sam Tsui

I have to say that although I was not around for this game, it sounds kind of fun.   I wonder if it could be adapted on a huge scale- like all of North America?   I have included the explanation posted by www.kurtsamsource.com - a blog dedicated to all things Kurt and Sam d(*-*)b

GoCrossCampus Music Video

So the other day on Twitter, user Dazalem found and tweeted a link to a video of Sam and Kurt that we've never seen before (and we're guessing you haven't either, unless you saw his tweet as well). We would like to give some kind of award to Dazalem: something along the lines of a "you found the weirdest video of Sam and Kurt that got posted to YouTube" award. It makes you wonder just how many other crazy old projects of Kurt's are lurking around somewhere. It also makes you wonder whether Sam and Kurt spent any time actually attending class when they were at Yale.
But first, a little background. A few minutes of Internet research reveals that GoCrossCampus was a online multiplayer game created by several students at Yale in 2007. It was a strategy game, something like Risk, and was intended for college students to play in tournaments. It's not online anymore, but apparently it was fairly popular for a while, especially among the ivy-league crowd. You can read more about it here and here.
In 2008, the people behind GoCrossCampus decided to hold a little video contest, encouraging students to submit videos promoting and explaining the game. Now, it's impossible to say whether Kurt and Sam were actually fans of the game, or just knew the people who created it. (If you look at the bottom of "The Story" section on the GoCrossCampus webpage, Kurt Schneider is listed as one of the people they'd like to give special thanks to, though they don't say why.) But it's really not surprising that Kurt decided to film a goofy music video for the contest. After all, that's what he does, right?
The video didn't win the contest, but it did get a special mention and a "Would Watch Over and Over Again" award (link to the contest results here). And that's probably pretty accurate. So if you want to see Sam and Kurt dress up like uber-nerds and do some really strange stuff, check out the video below. It's not as professionally scripted or filmed as some of Kurt's other work, but it's got his unique style all over it and it's funny in a bizarre sort of way. Enjoy!

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