Feb 23, 2011

Girl's Fighting in Hollywood (All Star Weekend!) NSFW!!!

Turn down the volume before you hit play (language)

I love it- girls are literally knocking each others heads into the cars and punching and fighting- and everyone is filming and watching.   There is a weave on the floor and multiple fights going on at once.   I didn't like that the one random guy came over and slapped her behind, that was wrong (and I 'm pretty sure constitutes assault- but then again, the whole video....).   Who steals shoes?   And who steals them AT A PARTY?
What did she yell as she leans out the window- something about the W Hotel and All Star Weekend.
Here's the official description:
White girl's leave the W hotel well after bar close with there shoe's having been stolen from the after party they left...only to find a group of black girls having been the ones to have there shoes waiting outside to fight them and use the very shoes against them in a all out Allstar weekend Brawl. Enjoy


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