Feb 7, 2011

Forcing iPhone 4 to Import Photos to Computer...SOLUTION!!!

If you have an iPhone- and based on Apple and AT&T's press releases, many of you do- then you also have random glitches and technical issues that pop up.   Usually after a software update.   Not blaming Apple exactly, just pointing out the correlation between updating my phone and things going to hell.

Case in point.   Frequently I find that my phone just refuses to put the pictures/videos I have taken with my phone and therefore stored on my phone to my computer.   I am running Windows 7, I use a Toshiba laptop.  It is so frustrating.   I know, I can go into my computer and click on my iphone and copy and paste...but it's not the same as it doing it on it's own when I plug it in to sync it.  I spent the last few days scouring the web and reading post after post of people struggling with the same issue- then uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, updating software, deleting pics/vids I saved to my camera roll from texts or emails...the whole shebang with nada to show for it.  Fear not readers- I have finally found a solution.  

I randomly, accidentally, discovered that you can go to'Computer', RIGHT CLICK on the iPhone...and there is an option to import photos and video.    And it does.

That simple.

I know it's not rocket science and really I'd just like Apple to fix it so it does it by itself, but this works- the only thing not working is that the auto play screen asking me if I want to do this doesn't come up.   Other than that it is a complete solution- so I am passing it along.

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