Feb 24, 2011

Emily Blunt - Superhero (video)

I think Emily Blunt would be great in a Superhero movie...

Whenever a big superhero project is announced, whether it be Zack Snyder’s Man in Steel reboot, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, or pretty much just any big budget movie involving crime-fighting and costumes, an inevitable “short-list” of actresses pops up full of names that are being considered to take on the female lead role in the film. This list usually has the same 5 or 6 actresses on it, and most of the time Emily Blunt’s name is included. Such big budget films that Blunt’s name has been attached to include Captain America: The First Avenger and Iron Man 2, just to name a few.
Steve recently had the chance to sit down with the actress doing press for her new film The Adjustment Bureau.  Towards the end of the interview, he asked her if she thinks she’ll ever be in a Marvel movie, given her frequency on their short-lists.  While some try and deflect these kinds of questions, Blunt was very honest with her answer.  For more, hit the jump:

Here’s the transcript of the interview, with the video below:

Question: Do you think you’ll ever be in a Marvel movie?
Blunt: I’ve been offered certain parts, [but] either through scheduling or it just not being quite the right thing for me I haven’t done them. But I think for me, being in some kind of superhero movie it just has to be the right time and the right thing. I’m not prepared to sign onto many movies at one time.
So you don’t want a 9-picture contract?
Not really. I just can’t, I don’t wanna do that. I think the joy of the job for me is the about the unknown and “who knows what’s coming next” so to feel like I’m straight-jacketed in some way might be tricky. But at the same time, I love what they do and I think that they make amazing superhero movies. So if something came along that was right, I would definitely consider it.
Finally, a thank you to our partners at Omelete for the video as I was covering The Adjustment Bureau junket for them. 



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