Feb 25, 2011

Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need A Doctor (video premier)

The first minute is flashbacks- you see all the great moments from Dr. Dre's career and that of hip hop and rap's finest- Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eazy-E and others.   I recognized a lot more but can't name all of them....pause at 2 minutes to see a beautiful Ferrari crash...and then Eminem walks up to Dre on a table hooked up to machines...Actual song starts at 2:50.

This is a crazy good song and the video is epic.   Eminem basically is rapping at Dre who is unconcious (I assume from the Ferrari accident) and Sasha is like a ghost floating above Dre singing the chorus.   It's a serious song, but it has a lot of inside things that I only caught a few of and even serious fans fromback in the day probably won't get all of them.   It gets very emotianl halfway through when Dre wakes up from the coma and using technology (sponsored by all the stuff he has been promoting lately- Dre Beats, Mac, Gatorade... and can we say 'product placement'!) he learns to walk again...it is very symbolic of his career.   Dre begins to rap towards the end, and while it is great to hear him at it again, I didn't like the part where he called the people who didn't stand by his side 'faggots' (referring to rappers who didnt have his back when they thought he was losing steam).   The video ends dramatically at the grave of Eric Wright (Eazy-E).

MTV just posted this about the video:

In Dr. Dre's latest video "I Need A Doctor," the clip's opening scene shows a moving moment where the iconic producer speeds along in his luxury vehicle on a winding road while mentally recollecting his many past achievements and connections he's amassed over the course of his epic 25-year music career as one of the best, if not the greatest, rap producers to man the boards. As Dre goes through a mental flashback moments later he crashes his European toy on the mountainside.
Among the recognizable faces in the flashback montage, there were some glaring omissions, given that former friends and musical alliances Eazy E and 2Pac were peppered throughout the entire video.
50 Cent's 2003 studio album debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was a wildly successful release from the G-Unit captain, mostly propelled by the Dr. Dre produced hit "In Da Club." Released via a partnership between Eminem's Shady Records and Dre's Aftermath imprint, the album was a multi-platinum success and created the third leg of the already successful Em and Dre branding, now with the inclusion of rap's new golden boy making way for the creation of the "Three Headed Monster."
Compton rapper Game also released his debut album The Documentary in 2005 via Dre's label and Interscope. The Game was another smash for the Aftermath dynasty as the album was a global success, selling over five million copies worldwide. Game would become Dre's second wave of success in comparison to the producer’s previous accolades with protege Snoop Dogg.
Immediately after fans digested the seven minute clip many questioned: Where were two of Dre's biggest acts?
With Dr. Dre’s Detox soon to be released potentially in the next few weeks, there’s been heavy fan anticipation for Fif to appear on the producer’s farewell opus. Just months back, photos of Dre, Snoop and Game working alongside each other in the studio showed signs that it is still very much possible that Dre will grant opportunities for his roster to have cameos on his final album of his storied career.
Dr. Dre is back on call. The veteran hip-hop producer, rapper and executive debuted the video for "I Need a Doctor," the second single from his highly anticipated third solo album Detox.
The video opens up with Dre reminiscing about his career. While driving, he gets into a severe car accident, leaving his protégé Eminem to ponder if his friend will survive.

The song then kicks off with the Detroit rapper's two verses, in which Em reiterates his loyalty to the man who signed him to Aftermath Records and how he still believes in him even when Dre himself might be second-guessing himself. Slim Shady is seen rapping passionately toward Dr. Dre's body while it appears to be held in stasis in a water tank, no doubt to heal his injuries.
By the time we get to Dre's third and closing verse, he is finally brought back to life, dropping bars about why the rap game needs him. "It literally feels like a lifetime ago/ But I still remember the sh-- like it was just yesterday, though," Dre raps to open his verse. Appropriately, the video features a montage of nostalgia-inducing photographs and archival video footage of Dr. Dre throughout his 25-plus-year music career. From early N.W.A to Death Row to Aftermath, the breadth and diversity of Dre's career is placed in perspective.
Much has been said about Dre's workout habits and in the video he looks like an elite bodybuilding specimen. While kicking his verse, he is seen working out, performing dips, crunches and other muscle-straining exercises.
The video ends with Dr. Dre visiting the grave of his late N.W.A partner Eric "Eazy-E" Wright, who died of AIDS in 1995.
Dr. Dre and Eminem, along with Skylar Grey, performed the song at the2011 Grammy Awards. There is still no firm release date for Detox.

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