Feb 28, 2011

Did James Franco Bail on His Own After Party?


I'll cut right to the chase.   He's awesome.   He had a huge party planned around his name and he worked so hard at the Oscars he had to skip it to get back to class.


But seriosuly-

One of the more hyped Oscar parties of the week was to be James Franco's after-after party at Supper Club.
"People are going to be bailing on Madonna's party for James'," one of the people connected with the party told me early in the week. "We're already arranging blockades across the street, because we're expecting so many celebrities, that even at 4 a.m. we're expecting a crowd of people lined up to watch people arrive."
Or not.
For starters, it appears that Franco himself didn't even make it to the party. A source at the party referred queries to Franco's Twitter, which showed aphoto of a plane, with "time to get back to class" scrawled across it.
"He isn't much of a partier, he doesn't drink," said one source. "It was more about launching his bar, The Writer's Room, which is part of Supper Club."
Even so, the bash wasn't the star-studded occasion people hoped. Kevin Spacey and Seth Rogan were there -- not exactly star wattage to warrant those barriers the event planners ordered up.

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