Feb 19, 2011

Data Romance - Bones (free download)

I am getting pretty obsessed I know- but you HAVE to listen to this- Bones is so pretty!   I am discovering a whole genre I totally forgot about with all the Britney/Gaga/80's stuff I have been immersed in recently...
Data Romance - Bones from Data Romance on Vimeo.

Bones [Single]

Free Download Here: 

featuring artwork by Daniel Bonavita and Damien Di Toro

This is the Bones single. It features some amazing remixes as well as a couple of our own b-sides. Make sure you check out the Official Bones Video. Also, the song for a video we did a while ago with our dear friend Marco Aslan finally found a home. Check the Marco video featuring Warrior here.

We recorded Bones originally back in June and you can check out a little video about it here. We decided to hold onto the track until it found a proper home, and I think this release suits it perfectly. We're also really happy that we're able to give people some content while we're writing our debut full length this winter. if for nothing else to remind you that we're not lost or frozen in a ditch somewhere.

You can pick up the Single Download pack for free through a "Pay with a Tweet" system. Just click the button above and for writing your own tweet, you get the EP including some rad artwork and wallpaper (for iphone, ipad and desktop)

If you're don't have twitter, your facebook profile will work fine. If you don't have a facebook profile.... really? what's it like?