Feb 10, 2011

Car auditions on 'Idol': Watch Transformer Guy's performance

They should make a spinoff show for all the talented people who audition but just can't sing....

Costumed auditioners usually serve as little more than eye-roll-worthy distractions on “American Idol,” but one decked-out hopeful actually used his stage time to entertain on Wednesday night.

Drew Beaumier wasn’t the best singer of the night. In fact, he didn’t even get a golden ticket to Hollywood, and those aren’t exactly hard to come by this season. (Helpful hint: just cry a lot!) But what he lacked in vocal chops when belting out “Born to Be Wild,” Beaumier more than made up for by rolling into his “Idol” audition in a drivable “Transformers” costume.

Take that, 7-foot-tall armadillo girl from Austin.

For more of Beaumier’s “Tranformers” tribute, watch this pre-“Idol” clip:

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