Feb 12, 2011

Can't Stop the Rain - Kropp Circle

Before I talk about this band and the song, i just have to say that the music kids are making now is pretty fantastic.   When I was their age (pick an age, it doesn't matter) I would never have thought about doing what they are doing.   You just have to browse YouTube for a few minutes to see the enormous pool of talent and creativity that is being blasted over the internet in unimaginable quantities.   It's pretty inspiring to see- and totally raises the bar for existing established talent to keep moving forward making great music.

Now, I accidentally found this bad- Kropp Circle - when I was looking for an acoustic cover of Jar of Hearts.   they have one, but I am actually going to share this video instead.   It is their single 'Can't Stop the Rain'.   I think it is really original sounding and really enjoyed the video too.   Dramatic rain always makes a song better I think!The group is Sebastian Kropp, 18, Remington Kropp, 16, and Emerson Kropp, 14.   Obviously, all brothers.   They are really interesting- elfin features and Remington has a clear, sweet voice.   They are on Radio Disney, but since I definitely do not fit into that demographic anymore I was not aware of them at all.  

This song reminds a little bit of the Tokio Hotel song 'Monsoon' although I can't really explain why.   i have included it below this video so you can compare, but the focus is the Kropp brothers (although I do like Tokio Hotel a lot and think they even look a bit similar!) Check out the video and let me know what you think.

If you listen to Kropp Circle at 54 seconds and Tokio Hotel at 1:50 you'll see what I mean.

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