Feb 11, 2011

California: Handy Guide to State's Earthquake Fault Zones

Apparently I can sleep through almost anything because while I have been in more than a few earthquakes at this point, somehow I only find out about them when everyone updates their statuses!   The first one I remember being in California for was funny.   I was asleep and woke up because the drunk frat girls upstairs were jumping around so much they were making my bed shake....oh.   Once I realized there wasn't a logical way for this to be happening even if the girls were loud, I picked up my phone and called my husband (he was travelling) and he said he saw it on the news,, it was not a big one and everyone had probably slept through it (besides me).   Long story summarized- I actually sleep through them now or don't even notice them at all when they happen.   I do like that I can now look on the map and see if I am near a danger zone or if I can turn over and go back to sleep though-

To locate fault zones in your area, type in an address at: www.quake.ca.gov/gmaps/ap/ap_maps.htm


The California Geological Survey (CGS) has published a detailed online database of all the state's fault zone, as well as history on each region. Previously, the information was "available only on paper or for purchase on a CD," according to theSan Gabriel Valley Tribune. The database is here.
· CGS earthquake fault zone maps now online [SGVT]

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