Feb 11, 2011

Britney vs. Gaga : Fashion (10 Most Outrageous Looks)

Since it seems to be a showdown of the diva's kind of day, I felt it was only fair to compare the 10 most outrageous looks of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.   In my previous post I gave the win for best new single to Britney's Hold It Against Me- it just grabs me a tiny bit more than Gaga's Born this Way does (although again, relax- i love them BOTH!)

Billboard just published two lists- Gaga's 50 Most Outrageous Looks and Britney's 30 most Outrageous- here are my picks for the ten they both wore that were outrageous and comparable to each other:

This is how Britney attends school, and how how Gaga attends her sister's graduation:

So the score is Britney 1: Gaga 0

Both women tend to look naked onstage, but Gaga wears hers out in public too- she scores this round.

When they wear full body sparkle suits, Gaga wears heels, Britney opts for sneakers. Gaga takes it again although Britney's body was fantastic here!

Both wore white 'bridal' to perform at MTV awards shows:  Gaga would win if it were a drama contest (amazing performance!) but britney wins here because she is paying homage to the original MTV bride- Madonna (bonus for performing with Madonna in that outfit as well!)

Both women went for the black hat perched on the side of the head black ensemble.   Clearly Gaga is on top.

Speaking of black, here are their biker hard core S&M tinged costumes.   Gaga's has sparks, bosom cones and no pants.   Wins again.

This is how they each choose to pull off all white-  I know Gaga was inventive with the whole stalagmite thing (stalactite? which ones grow up from the ground?) but Britney was a breath of fresh air and looks fantastic.

Back to hard rock- this time in metallic.   Gaga hit a home run with this look.

Ladies in red...I think this one is a tie because the red catsuit is so ingrained within the mind of america from that video (Oops, I Did It Again) but Gaga's lace ensemble was just...well it left us speechless.

Every girl wants to be a princess...Lady Gaga just pulled it off better.

So after tallying it all up the score is 4-6 Lady Gaga.   I would like to point out that Britney spent the majority of her teen years being the most internationally known pop star  while Lady Gaga is doing it in her twenties.   That counts for something because Britney had to break out of her sugar sweet Disney image while Gaga burst onto the scene in her leotards and Noritaka Tatehana shoes (you know, the ones without heels).

I would like to post some honorable mentions...
-The snake outfit

-Lady Gaga doing her best barnacled Pirates of the Carribean look

-I just like this one of Britney

-The infamous Bubble Dress

And the final showdown: The crystal bodysuit.   Britney wins- she was actually naked but for a g-string and all of the crystals were glued on her body...

But Diana Ross did it first:

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