Feb 17, 2011

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me - BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO

Let me hear your thought people- I'm posting the vid- then posting my thoughts after it...

STOP WITH THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT!   Yeesh- i can't even count but I know I saw Makeup Forever, her perfume, Sony, Plentyof Fish.com....it's not a commercial- well, okay, it sort of is since once every tween in America watches it and buys the outfits and copies the dances and posts it on YouTube every product will also be scrutinized and consumed by the masses.

Why did someone decide to add a bright red floating mouth like the one in Rocky Horror- and like Glee JUST used also?

At about 2:23 you can see her looong eyelashes- and that her dancers have no eyes.   Just saying.

Now for the positive- BRITNEY LOOKS FANTASTIC and I like her in the wedding dressy dress in the beginning when she looks like Britney circa mid ninety's with the head tilted hands raised singing soulfully look (at 1:03)...not sure why we are in a NASA space shuttle or what the deal is with the constant camera clicking effect, but I am loving the video!

Back to weird- it occurs to me that the line 'If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me' is actually a very cheesy pickup line, that sounds awesome when Britney sings it in the song but in the real world will get a guy punched upside the head or doused with whatever drink the lady he is trying to woo was holding at the time.   Fellas, you've been warned.

Red vs. Blue Britney fighting...reminds me of....Madonna video when her black and white selves fight- but Britney originates from Disney so she shoots technicolor goo from her hands (subliminal Spider-Man advertising?) and fights in color too.

(3:11 - I swear they did).

Ok, they ruined a perfectly good white wedding dress for no reason and now in a missing scene from FlashForward all the different Britney's and her dancer's are passing out and fainting to the floor.

And for the finale we close in an S&M themed dance on a stage with lights, fog and glitter- HURRAY!   Britney looks great though.

Honestly, it sounded better without a music video.   Sorry Brit.   Still gonna love you and await the rest of this album eagerly.

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