Feb 6, 2011

Brent Morgan & Eric Stanley "Sweet Child 'O Mine" cover (video) and others...

Ok, as usual I get fixated on a video and start browsing and can't stop...I just posted Eric Stanley's phenomenal  violin cover of the Eminem/Rihanna 'Love the Way You Lie' and now I am on a roll- check out this totally beautiful cover of Guns 'n Roses 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'...pretty impressed with the violin and Brent Morgan has a gorgeous voice.

Of course then I had to check out the other videos....
'Use Somebody' Kings of Leon Cover

and MY FAVORITE  Lady Gaga song- Paparazzi:
I think she should bring him out on stage when she performs this at a show.   It would be really awesome to hear it live and loud!

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