Feb 21, 2011

Bow Wow Sold Out Underrated Tour DVD Clip

Bow Wow was so cute when he was a kid.   It's hard to imagine that kid is now this guy because watching him here, especially in the first minute, he looks so tired.   Later, just as you start to feel bad for him because he is wondering why people hate on him he clears up any pity you might be feeling by saying 'I don't really care, I'm rich'.   Really Bow Wow?   I am a fan, but I can't stand when artists get cocky beyond regular confidence that they need to make themselves number one.   Enjoy the women, the fast living, the lifestyle - you better make the most of it because it doesn't last forever.   Honorable mention to the chick blowing the smoke out of her nostrils so attractively at 1 min mark.

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