Feb 13, 2011

Bones - Another Open Letter

Dear Seeley Booth,

I have been a fan since before you became an FBI agent, back when you called Sunnydale your home and Buffy was your lover/nemesis (depending on your soul or lack thereof that day).  I have watched you battle evil and conquer love, solve murders, kill vampires and lock up the bad guys.   You even proved you're a decent dad with a soft side and a penchant for a certain female anthropologist, although you rarely admit it and whenever it seems you're about to cave in and announce your feelings something always gets in the way.   So I am sure you can understand why although I wanted you to be with Dr. Brennan, I was alright with you finding love with the pretty Hannah because it seemed like you might finally settle down with someone.

Unfortunately, it appears that the writer's did not agree that you needed to settle down because they blindsided us all with the latest episode (Season 6, #13 The Daredevil in the Mold) when after finally getting up the courage and buying a ring (gorgeous by the way, simply beautiful choice) it turns out that Hannah 'is not the marrying kind'.   Yeah, I don't know what that means exactly either.   Apparently it was important because she repeated it twice in the same scene before walking away to get her things from your apartment.

I understand that now the story will have to veer suddenly and you will probably change from the up beat, ready for anything Booth to the grouchy, grinchy, grumpy Booth.   I just wish that they had never brought Hannah in to begin with if they were only going to rip her away from you so that they could reintroduce the concept of you and Bones again after drawing out the suspense painfully, which I am certain they will do.  You get awfully moody and depressed when love let's you down, and I was looking forward to a positive season with no crazy lab assistants a la Zack Addy or serial killer's nicknamed Undertaker who get assassinated (you read that right- assassinated- her head literally exploded off her neck).   I wish I could reassure you that you will find love eventually, and that it will likely be with Brennan, but it seems all the writers have forgotten to take their meds (and not just on your show either- I am still ruminating over Private Practice and it's debacle of a storyline) because all of the shows I have watched recently have odd twists and turns indicative of a much more gloomy atmosphere in the writer's room than usual.

Whatever the case, try to keep in mind that you are most charming when you're smiling and that audiences connect and are drawn to the chemistry between you and Bones.   When in doubt, go with the obvious and easy plot- trust me on this.   It would suck for you to alienate me now, I have already cut Fringe and Chuck this season and House is on it's way out too.   Don't look at me like that- after Kumar shot himself for no reason out of the blue with no explanation- I mean, was the grunt job at the White House that important?- the show never regained it's steam and now 14 is not there so nothing pretty to look at.   Plus House is with Cuddy, wrap it up and put a bow on it, it's done.   But that's for another letter.

I will end with this final thought and hope you understand.   When times are tough people don't want sadness, they want to laugh.   Bring back the interns that make us laugh, no more oceans and tea, and for god's sake either give Bones a boyfriend or a puppy because no one can be that austere and still be normal!   Thanks Booth, I knew you would listen.   Looking forward to the changes I am certain you will implement now that I have shown you the light.


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