Feb 12, 2011

BMW Heist Suspect Killed in FL Shootout

On January 28th I posted a story about a BMW that was hijacked and found crashed with a man tied up and wounded in the trunk.   The guy who allegedly jacked the car was also listed as the new owner on the title and the man in the trunk (Akeem Ajimotokan was the would have been seller.   It was one of those weird news stories because no one really knew the details and there were a lot of strange details.

The story didn't end there- and it gets weirder.   Not only was the guy who stole the car the owner, per the title, he was also an ex-convict who had already done time for hijacking two BMW's!   Ahhh, our justice system at work folks.

So of course, when police cornered the suspect, Barion Blake, in an apartment in Jacksonville, Florida (and this stuff always seems to happen in Florida) you can safely assume he did not go down easily.   Well, actually, it the going down part was easy- he jumped from the second floor balcony, and in pure Godfather drama, died in the ensuing firefight between the US Marshalls, local police and suspect.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Director John Hartley, it was not clear who fired first or how many shots were fired, but only the suspect was hit and Blake was pronounced dead on the scene.   He had been on the run since he had gotten into a fender bender in Manhattan on January 26th.

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