Feb 7, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commercial? (videos)

Since I didn't see any of the ads except the Darth Vader one (which I posted a few days early and still love) I can't tell you which ones I liked best- but this guy can:

Super ads: Baby you can drive my car, again and again and again ...
By Kurt Schlosser, msnbc.com entertainment producer
Thanks for following along tonight as we watched some football ... and a whole lot of commercials. The game appeared to be close. The Packers quarterback was named MVP and was handed the ... wait for it ... keys ... to a new car afterward!
I don't think I'm alone in noticing that automakers dominated the night. The only problem I have with ripping that fact is that my favorite ad was from an automaker.   Yep, I said it before the game started. In fact, I said it about 6 days ago when Volkswagen released their tiny Darth Vader ad and it started showing up all over Facebook and Twitter and so on.
What else is there these days? Going viral is an advertiser's dream scenario and when the little kid in that ad waved his hands at that Passat a generation of Star Wars fans (and VW fans, and parents) were sold. (Update: Watch the ad below, and below that, meet Max Page, the 6-year-old behind the mask, on Monday's TODAY show.)

Volkswagen, "The Force"
For me, it falls way off after that. I did like the Budweiser western ad with the guys singing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" in the bar. Maybe because I recently saw "True Grit" and the ad had a Coen Brothers feel -- complete with the guy from "Fargo"! Great times are waiting indeed.

Budweiser, "Outlaw"
My third pick of the night has to be the "reply all" guy from the Bridgestone tires ad. It's impossible to sit here in front of this machine every day and not be able to know how that would feel. And the over-the-top reaction by the guy is worth a watch.

Bridgestone, "Reply All"
Who did I leave out in the top three? The Bud Light dogs? Maybe. Adrien Brody and his Stella? Made me thirsty. A movie trailer or a talking baby? Not this year. What made you laugh? Anything give you goosebumps? Did it seem like Eminem had a problem with your city?
Jump in the comments and share your thoughts on what went right or wrong Sunday night in the world of $3 million for 30 seconds of air time. And get on over to the Business section and watch and rate a ton of ads in their fancy interactive.
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