Feb 19, 2011

Banksy Crayola Shooter Defaced - Update

I was directed to this site where Michael Yanow posted updated pictures updating us about the condition of the Banksy Crayola Shooter.   Apparently 'Westwood Archie', a cafe owner in the neighborhood, was attempting to clean up the paint that someone threw over the work and tagged MBW.   I don't for a second believe that Mr. Brainwash actually did this since he'd have done something even more shocking like completely plaster over it with something of his own and filmed it and posted it online or something.   Thanks Archie for trying to fix it- even if you didn't know exactly what 'it' was to begin with!

Check out Michael's link here (great blog btw!) with great photos...
Banksy Westwood Archie to the Rescue

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