Feb 4, 2011

Bachelor Fashion: Exclusive interview with Ashley Spivey

Great idea to interview recently cut Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey via her fashion choices on the show...this comes from Possessionista.com (fast becoming a new favorite for fun posts to read)...

With her sandy hair, chirpy voice and sunny disposition, the "charmin" Ashley Spivey did oodles of good PR for hot nannies everywhere. (You're welcome Elizabeth Kitt.) 

The always adorable Ashley S. spoke exclusively to Possessionista about what to wear to make a good impression (she did get the first rose...) bikini shopping for television and puts an end to the question about her Silly Bandz once and for all.

Possessionista: So you find out you're going on The Bachelor? What did you buy and what did you already own?
Ashley Spivey: I honestly didn't have to buy a lot of things.  I had a lot of great friends that either let me borrow dresses and jewelry or put me in touch with a designer that gave me dresses.  Special thanks especially to my awesome roomie Emily, and my friends Kate, Corinne, and Lauren!
Possessionista: Who the hell is Hailey Logan? I've never heard of her before but thanks to you I have to go out and buy ALL her dresses. What are some other labels you love?

Ashley Spivey: Hailey Logan is a social occasion dress line by Adrianna Pappell.  All the dresses I wore were exclusively Hailey Logan, Adrianna Papell or Aidan Mattox.  All the lines are really fun and playful - and not too expensive!

Possessionista:Your accessories are TDF. We saw vintage pieces, Alexis Bittar even Silly Bandz. Where do you like to shop for accessories?

Ashley Spivey: I love love love Lia Sophia and Alexis Bittar - they are my favs but Ilike to mix it up.  I shop at Urban Outfitters, vintage shops, Intermix, and the Young Designers Market in New York for my accessories.

Possessionista: Speaking of Silly Bandz, what's the story behind yours? What shape are they?

Ashley Spivey: Haha I can't believe how many people are up-in-arms (pun intended) about my Silly Bandz.  The green bracelet I wear was a gift from the Organ Donor Society after my Dad passed.  He donated his organs and saved 5 lives and gave the gift of sight to another.  The bracelet says Done Vida which means Donate Life - I wear it as a conversation piece so that hopefully someone asks what it means and I can encourage them to make sure they are an organ donor on their license.  The orange silly bandz is an anchor - it was given to me so that while I was on the show I would be "anchored" to everything I left behind (family, friends, etc.) and to remember to not embarrass them :).

Possessionista: On your first one-on-one you borrowed that amazing black and white 5/48 tank from Marissa May? Did you share clothes a lot on the show? And with whom?

Ashley Spivey: Bless Marissa's heart for letting me borrow that shirt!  I was freaking out about what to wear and she really came to the rescue. Besides that though, we really didn't share clothes that much.  Emilylet me borrow a turquoise ring once.  She had it on during the cocktail party but she decided that it would look better with my outfit so I should wear it.  She's the sweetest!  Everyone shared lots of makeup and everyone loved using my makeup mirror since good mirror space was scarce.

Possessionista: You and Ashley H have become very good friends from the show. What was her best fashion moment?

Ashley Spivey:  I love Ashley H. and I think she has the cutest style without trying too hard.  Everything looks good on her because she's so petite and adorable. I absolutely loved her lacy American Apparel dress - but I think she's the only one tiny and cute enough to pull it off.

Possessionsta: You are adorable. When you look back, what are some of your favorite
outfits from the show? Anything you'd like to do over?

Ashley Spivey: I really liked my Meet and Greet dress - I don't think the camera really did it justice.  The material was beautiful and it fit really well.  However, I think my favorite dress was the Aidan Mattox sequined mesh sheath - I love me some sequins.  Truth be told, it was a little too long for me so I safety pinned the mess out of the bottom of it :)  I don't really think I'd change any of my outfits - I would, however, go back and always put on makeup before the cameras came in. Me without makeup = woof!

Possessionista: You said you were surprised to leave so early. What did you still have that we didn't see?

Ashley Spivey: I had so many cute dresses!  I didn't even wear most of the good ones because I wanted to save the best for last.  I also had tons of good bathing suits that really would have come in handy in Costa Rica and Anguilla.  Damn you Brad Womack!

Possessionista: One of the biggest keywords on Possessionista is "Ashley Spivey Bikini." What are some tips for shopping for a cute bathing suit.
Ashley Spivey: Tip #1 - make sure it fits.  Bathing suits can be so unflattering if it doesn't fit your butt or boobs!  Figure out your body shape and then learn to accentuate and flaunt what you have! Tip #2 - Skirt bottomed bikini bottoms look good on no one. Tip #3 - Make sure you think you look good in it - if you don't feel comfortable in it, it's not gonna look good.  Yeah, I'm looking at you girl constantly picking that wedgy out. Tip #4 - Shop at Surf Shops!  They have the best selection!

Possessionista: What's one tip you'd give to future Bachelor contestants?

Ashley Spivey:  I have 4 tips! Don't spend a fortune on buying things - ask friends if you can borrow everything! Go to a makeup counter and buy makeup that will look good on camera or get them to instruct you on how to put on makeup heavier for the camera! Bring a lighted makeup mirror - all the mirrors in the house suck and the bathrooms get so hot and steamy with everyone getting ready at the same time. Buy lots of blotting papers!

Possessionista:  I gotta ask you about your hair? Is it naturally straight? It's perfect! What's your hair regimen?

Ashley Spivey: My hair is naturally straight but it's a little wavy in the front. It's super thick so it takes me about 30 minutes to blow it out with a large round brush and then I straighten the ends with a straightener. I try to wash it every 3rd day since I color it and heat-style it so
much.  On the other days I use dry shampoo and it's my life saver - it creates volume and if you buy the right kind, it smells amazing!

Possessionista: You've been dubbed Tenley2.0 on the Internet. In real life, which Bachelorettes' fashion do you most admire? 
Ashley Spivey: Everyone says that!  I heard it so much from all the girls on the first night and even Roberto and Ali said I reminded them of Tenley, which is definitely a compliment because she's so pretty! I'd say that there's a tie - I absolutely love Tenley's style and I drew a lot of inspiration from her Bachelor fashion, which resulted in a lot of one shouldered dresses.  But I also adore Natalie Getz's style.  Her outfits are always so well put together, fun, and flirty.  I think you can tell how much fun she is by what she wears!

Possessionista: When you're not finding love on the tube, you're a nanny, right? What do you wear for work?
Ashley Spivey: Haha, honestly I do not dress up for work at all! I usually wear black leggings and a tshirt.  Working with kids spells disaster for your wardrobe.  I've ruined at least 2 pairs of J Brand jeans from crawling on the floor and I get spit up on or spill something on myself at
least twice a day.  Let's just say I'm probably not going to attract any guys while I'm at work!

Dana Weiss (@Possessionista)
2/4/11 2:48 PM
Possessionista extra: Exclusive interview with #Bachelor @AshleySpivey http://bit.ly/hPPscE

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