Feb 18, 2011

Are the 90's Making a Comeback? According to Radiohead...yes.

I am loving music right now- all these great 90's bands are releasing albums and making comebacks (they didn't actually leave but you know what I mean).   Just look at what people like Liam Gallagher and Dave Grohl are doing in music today- inspiringly awesome.   So why should it surprise anyone that Radiohead, epic mainstay of 90's rock, is releasing an album now?   I am so excited to listen!
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Radiohead's new album "The King of Limbs" was released digitally Friday morning (Feb. 18) on the band's website, one day ahead of schedule. The band had previously announced on Monday that the album would be available Saturday.

"The Kings of Limbs" is available for download at thekingsoflimbs.com, and fans who pre-ordered the set should have received a download code via email. Physical release is slated for Mar. 28 overseas (on XL Records) and one day later in North America (on TBD Records).

An accompanying music video for the track "Lotus Flower" has also been released, and in the black-and-white clip, Thom Yorke writhes and dances against a minimalist backdrop.

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