Feb 3, 2011

Alice Eve, Diane Kruger & Rosamund Pike In Contention For Female Lead In ‘Superman’ (Not Lois Lane)

Off the bat I think my vote would be for Diane Kruger because I felt she was great in Inglorious Basterds and got very little recognition.   To be fair, I am not as familiar with Alice Eve or Rosamund Pike's work, so I am not really truly decided yet...

The Playlist speculates the latest Superman casting news from Variety.

The Playlist:
Variety reports that Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike have emerged as a contender for the role that is not yet being disclosed. If we were to wager a guess—considering that all three thesps are blondes—we’d say the part will be that of Cat Grant. A gossip columnist at The Daily Planet, she was a love interest for Clark Kent with a triangle of sorts emerging between Clark, Lois and Cat. But again, this is just a guess—it could be another character altogether.

As for Lois Lane, the trade reports that Warner Bros. doesn’t want a big name that will overshadow Cavill so no surprise then that the early rumors of Kristen Stewart turned out to false. In fact most of those names bandied about early on—Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis—don’t seem likely at this point.


Hopefully there are more than one female lead!

OH NO THEY DIDN'T (@ohnotheydidnt)
2/4/11 1:49 AM
Alice Eve, Diane Kruger & Rosamund Pike In Contention For Female Lead In 'Superman' (Not Lois Lane): The Playlis... http://bit.ly/fo8ZMk


  1. could be cat, another famous blonde is PowerGirl

  2. I sort of want new faces- undiscovered people to be cast for everything. That way, there are no expectations on that actors but they can throw themselves into the roles perfectly.

    Would every comic fan be mortified if I said I also want them to create new characters? I'm not trying to sully the originals, but again, when you use pre-existing characters there are expectations. Break out completely new ones and your mind is open and excited for anything. No disrespect intended!