Feb 12, 2011

5 SmartPhones that AREN'T an iPhone

I love my iPhone.   Except when I hate it of course.

I have been an iPhone user since the first day they came out (although to be technically accurate my husband was an iPhone user from the first day and within three months I took over the phone and he took my old RAZR because he hated how he felt obligated to deal with emails and everything in real time).   I love the phone, I hate the glitches, and when I drop a call and the wave of red fury flash in front of my eyes I slowly count to ten and remind myself that it's just a call, they can call back.  

So I read the article below about five smartphones that are causing a stir with interest because while I want to keep my phone, I am tired of needing to upgrade my phone every time Apple decides they want to release a newer model.   I'm not accusing them of purposely making the previous versions unusable and incompatible with the upgraded software, but still- somehow every time they release a new phone my older phone starts twitching and freezing and messing up.   It leaves me feeling sort of used- and addicted- like I have to keep buying in to their master scheme just to stay current (and I NEED to stay current!).

I am seriously starting to think about switching but there are so many options out there and so much to choose from I can't even begin to try looking into it.   I'd love to hear back from you on what you would switch to and why.   Obviously since I have had my phone since day one, I am an AT&T user- and I know Verizon is intent on ruling the airwaves but my personal experience with them has been extremely negative.   I can't help it if I refuse to pay extra fees that pop up whenever I try to adjust my account.  

Anyway, read the article and let me know your thoughts:
Power to the pocket: The next generation of superphones

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