Jan 3, 2011

World's Most Expensive Mobile Phone App- $12,500

The SafeCell app isn’t for the everyday iPhone-toting crowd, what with its hefty US$12,500 price tag. Developed by inflight mobile phone and internet solutions company ASiQ Limited, the app is targeted to wealthy jetsetters who happen to own their own private planes. 

The app will essentially let passengers make a phone call from thousands of feet up, and ASiQ insists that the price tag is justified. 

Conventional aircraft mobile phone systems “can cost up to five hundred thousand dollars”, and are locked to the global mobile roaming network via satellite, ASiQ said in a statement. This means connecting to the network itself is expensive. 

SafeCell eliminates that by using Bluetooth to connect directly into the satellite ground stations, “thereby eliminating roaming charges and the requirement for Telco approval”, the company said. 

The SafeCell software will also convert any existing aircraft server, cockpit tablet, laptop, netbook, or tablet PC into a mobile phone access point.

Interestingly, the app is only available on BlackBerry and Symbian phones, with an Android version coming soon. As for the iPhone, ASiQ claims the device has a “very restricted Bluetooth capability” and it hopes that “one day Apple will see the light and provide full open access to Bluetooth”. 

[via PSFK] 

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