Jan 12, 2011

Cute Win Fail - from the mind of Toby Turner

Why is it that every time I watch Toby I start laughing?   I really enjoy his videos, even though they can be the most random things ever!   One of the great things about sharing these videos is the people who come back and thank me for introducing them to stuff like this- so to you all I say 'You're welcome, and enjoy!'

Here's his info:
Fans! http://facebook.com/tobyturnerfans
Click to Tweet! http://tinyurl.com/CWFEp16RT
TobyGames! http://bit.ly/TobyGames
Bonus http://bit.ly/CWF16Bonus
Shirts! http://bit.ly/TobyShirts
Twitter! http://bit.ly/TobyTwitter

Thanks to the folks at CuteWinFail for letting me use their clips! (http://www.youtube.com/cutewinfail )

Cute Win Fail - Episode 16 (with Toby Turner)

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