Record lows: Scranton, Pa., -8°, Bridgeport, Conn., 0°, Islip, N.Y. 4°, NYC-Kennedy Airport 6° 

30s below zero club: Saranac Lake, N.Y -36°, Highmarket, N.Y. -35°, E. Berkshire, Vt. -33°, Whitefield, N.H. -32°, Fryeburg, Maine -30° 

So we wanted to know how you handled the cold in the Northeast and Midwest. We posted that query on our Facebook page early Monday morning (find us on Facebook), and you flooded our page with pictures and comments in about an hour. 

Here's a sampling: 

John Byrne: "It's so cold I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant :)" Phil Babilino: "It's so cold out the snowman has a coat on." 

In the following pages, we list some more of our favorite Facebook comments and some fantastic photos to go along with them. Cruise through and see if your comment is there. 

Peggy McGrath says unless her Great Dane Mac wears boots, his paws turn into PAWpsicles.
(iWitness photo: The McGrath Family)
James Smith posted,  "It is so cold, the Marlboro Man is skipping his smoke break."

This is a fantastic sunrise photo someone tweeted to us.  Underneath that ice is the Delaware River.
(yfrog user: noahyc)

Kelsey Licata says, "It's so cold that the windshield cleaner froze as soon as it was sprayed."

Check out this picture of the thermometer inside a car in Lafayette, N.J., on Monday morning at 7:12 a.m.  Yes, that temperatures read -9.
(yfrog user: Mikey Sans)

Doris Caskey posted:  "It's so cold outside my kids looked like the Michelin Man when they went out to the bus this morning!"

This photo shows people walking through steam from a downtown building Friday, Jan. 21, 2011, in Minneapolis.  The coldest temperatures of the season delayed the start of school for many students and caused even the hardiest Minnesotans to think twice about staying outdoors for any length of time. 
(AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Lindsay Gregory wrote,  "It's so cold you could FREEZE an egg on the sidewalk... forget
frying it!!!!  LOL."

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are uniquely equipped to handle the cold weather.  That's exactly what these fans did at the AFC Championship game on Sunday in Pittsburgh.(Source: Associated Press)

Anna Brumar Kittle:  "It's so cold out I swear my chickens are laying frozen eggs :( "

Anna was kind enough to post a photo of her frozen eggs in Jonesville, Mich.
(Facebook photo: Anna Anna Brumar Kittle)

anyway...check out the rest of them here: source