Jan 19, 2011

When Parents Text

This is why you need to monitor your parents technological uses...
For the record, I already blogged about this site previously, but I am glad it is starting to get recognition because it is pretty funny- and so true to life!

When Parents Text
Offspring countrywide share their frustration for LOLs

Text messages provide endless reams of unintentional humor, as seen in Texts From Last Night and Damn You Auto Correct.

Joining this cast of legendary sites, When Parents Text is a funny, painful (and weirdly sweet) example of Mom and Dad set loose on the SMS-receiving public, oversharing and under-censoring.

The newly launched site is worth a spot on your bookmarks bar, if only for the comfort of knowing you aren't the only one who feels the brunt of "small keypads, old hands."

Below, some of our favorites.

Dad: dont forget you have the dentist next week
Me: ok Dad: hes new, his name is Dr. Gul
Dad: Dr Gul
Dad: Dr Gul
Dad: Dr GUL
Dad: Gul
Mom: Have you ever noticed how much garbanzo beans look like little butts? Like being mooned by soupMOM: Jacob, Tom’s boyfriend, says hi. He seems like a lot of fun, btw.
ME: I’m impressed that you know what BTW means. Have fun!
MOM: Doogle!!!
ME: What?
MOM: No idea. You complimented my texting lingo, and i got so excited i just typed that in.

Me: im just having a really bad day…
Mom: just remember baby, at one time you were the strongest sperm.

Given this gold mine of awkwardness, we can only wonder: What happens when parents discover foursquare?

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