Jan 5, 2011

'When Parent's Text'

I love when I find a blog that makes me laugh- consistently....I am happy to introduce you to my latest source of giggles, When Parent's Text.   By the way, either they are spying on my parents to get their content or their is a distinct pattern happening with everyone else's parents because I could SWEAR some of these were sent to me from my parents!
Here are a few examples...

                Jewel Quest Demo

MOM:$28 charge on my bill 4 CASUAL DATA USAGE.
ME:That’s the internet, ma. I told you not to go there without a plan.
MOM:You don’t think I’m using it playing the Jewel Quest demo do you? 957 THAT’S A LOT OF MINUTES. It’s the only thing I can think of!

Happiest Penguin Ever

Mom:Drop evrything ur doing and google happiest penguin ever.
Call me i want to listen while u watch it!


DAD:Time 2 go
DAD:Bus leaving
DAD:We will start towards the car

Dr. Mom
ME:I have a headache
MOM:Sinus? Eyes? Ur glasses look loose maybe get adj? Take Meds? Need sleep? Call cell when u can


ME:Have you left yet?
MOM:Dad found a nest of five baby rats in the garden and had to kill them with a shovel, gross. just leaving now.

21st Century Parenting

MOM:I want a picture of u at her house. either outside w house showing or w her mom at home so i know ur there

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