Jan 21, 2011

Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces

I am a HUGE Guns 'N' Roses fan, and of course Stone Temple Pilots... so when this new group called Velvet Revolver formed and I heard it was comprised of former members of both bands it was like winning the rock music lottery.   Fall to Pieces is a great song- I happen to score perfectly on Hard Vocals on Rock Band every time I sing it (also 'Vasoline' and Nirvana's 'In Bloom' but that last one is another story for another post someday).   Anyway, as I have been slowly explaining over the last few posts, I went through a bunch of videos of songs I love and for some reason decided to post all of them.   I could put them all in one long post but that would be annoying if you wanted to search a specific one...this way they are all organized in the Archives on the right side of this page!   I chose Fall to Pieces instead of Slither because it was on the radio today in the car and I just wanted to hear it again now.

Short side story- I was at Hyde in LA and Scott was having a cd release party for "Happy" in Galoshes (I was not there for the party, just the 80's night music- shout out to StoneRokk!).   The party was fun, people were enjoying it- and I had that total slow motion moment where you lock eyes with someone across the room and all the sound fades out and you're connected for a single moment---and then everything comes crashing back to reality again.   So Mr. Weiland- if you remember the girl in the black and white dress standing at the table across from yours...hello.  

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