Jan 6, 2011

Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, is reunited with his mom

ted williams reunion mother man with the golden voice 300x168 Ted Williams Today Show Reunion with Mom: Man with the Golden Voice Reunites with Mother (Video)
Watch Ted Williams' Today Show reunion with his mother, Julia

Watch Ted Williams’ Today show reunion with his mom– the man with the golden voice reunites with his mother, Julia Williams, in this Today show video clip.
Earlier in the day, Ted Williams’ Today show appearance included announcing the show opening and having a couple of extensive interviews with the show’s anchors.
Ted Williams’ reunion with his mother is a long-time coming – the two haven’t seen each other in 20 years! Ted says “Hi mommy!” and their reunion is touching, with Ted telling her, “this has been a dream and a prayer.”

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, has made headlines the past couple of days for his amazing story… he’s gotten a second chance at life through the help of a viral video that showed off his radio voice talents.
You can also watch Ted Williams’ mom, Julia, talk to the Early Show in the other video clip, telling how proud she is of her son and how proud his father would have been.
Julia Williams says of her son’s good fortune, “Thank God, my prayers were answered.”
Watch Ted Williams’ Today Show reunion with his mother (video)
Watch Ted Williams’ mom, Julia, on The Early Show:

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