Jan 14, 2011

Tap Fish 7-Year-Old Racks Up $1,200 on iTunes

This is why you need to disable buying on your iPhone!
Ok, I just downloaded the Tap Fish Exotic app on my iPhone 4.   I played for two days then started looking online for hints and tips because I was failing miserably.   With the help of a few great advice blogs, I restarted (I deleted the app from my phone and then downloaded it again).   Second time around I am doing much better- and completely obsessed.   The funny thing is I was just starting to wonder if it would be worthwhile to buy a bunch of Fish Bucks myself!   Then I came across this story....

Tap Fish: Fish Bucks Don't Grow on Trees
Frank Mendez was shocked to find a $613 charge on his debit card from the iTunes App Store. The source of the charge was Tap Fish, a free iPhone app from Bayview Labs which can be augmented by purchasing virtual fish. One can earn coins by continuously playing the game, but new fish cost Fish Bucks, which are not free.


Tap Fish in Action
These are some pricey fish, as Mendez found out the hard way. His 7-year-old daughter got carried away with ordering new digital fish, and the charges piled up.
Duplicate Charges Make the Problem Worse
The next month, another $613 charge appeared, which the article below describes as possible fraud; there's no clarity, though, regarding whom is being accused of fraud: the Tap Fish team or some other party.
Meanwhile,Frank Mendez is getting a $450 refund from the Tap Fish folks. However, he flushed the app from his iPhone.

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