Jan 7, 2011

SMoDNet Smews.... (Smodcast News)

SModNet SMews…
  • Do you realize that SModcast has been around for almost FOUR YEARS now? Wow, time flies. Kevin comments on that and brings the links for new shows to wrap up this January week. First up, this info on the beginnings of SModcast:
      I'd never heard a podcast prior to recording #SModcast with @SMosier. But the way podcasts were described sounded like the way we did commentary tracks – and THAT I knew how to do, no problem. I'd guested on a podcast (the name of which escapes me; featured two dudes, talking comics), so I saw the set-up, which didn't look all that intimidating. From there, I asked @SMosier if it was something he'd wanna do, Elliot Greenberg showed us what to get and how to set our rig up, and we were off & running. It'll be four years ago this March that we first sat down to record SMod.
    So what's the latest from this wonderful network they've built? Check out some new episodes and a couple other random facts straight from the Twitter feed:
      Hear the last thing I ever said in 2010 on the NEW YEARS BABBLE-ON pod w/me & @RalphGarman:http://tinyurl.com/SubscribeOrRalphStartsCrying Hear the dulcet tones of She Who Holds My Heart & Dick in a brand new episode of PLUS ONE!http://tinyurl.com/OnPlusOneYouHearTheLadyIPork Via @ThriLLzALoT "Will we be hearing the New Years GET OLD" Saturday morning. There'll be some video, too – from the LET US FUCK game. Via @bronibroni "you cut all the podcasts?" Any show I'm in, I cut. TESD is cut by Bry, Puck cut by Ming, Blowhard cut by the Stanely Bros.

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