Jan 5, 2011

Schweppes App Lets You Hack Your Facebook Profile

The beverage firm and its Amsterdam-based digital agency, Super Social, last week introduced an app called Profile Yourself that lets users run one giant photo via multiple windows on a profile page. French artist Andre Oudin is credited with discovering that facet of the new layout. Oudin took advantage of the vertical photo slot on the left side of the page and the five windows to the right to make it appear like his face was looking through the profile page. Others have also offered theirown twists on the new layout.
The Schweppes app, available on the brand'sFacebook Fan Page, combines two current crazes in marketing: Facebook tie-ins and customizability. While it's difficult to find a marketer these days who doesn't have a Facebook presence, the customizability trend is best exemplified by Office Depot's Elf Yourself app, which has been used more than 400 million times since it was introduced in 2006.
Here's a video on how the Schweppes app works:

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