Jan 23, 2011

Rihanna's Rockin a New Red Do

1/21/11 5:30 PM
You can't spell @Rihanna without 'S&M'--oh wait, yes you can. Whatever, look at how awesome she looks for the video: http://at.mtv.com/VzX

(Credit: Rihanna)

"S-S-S & M-M-M" tweeted Rihanna last night, along with the twitpic above. The photo, we assume (although you DO know what happens sometimes when you assume) is from her upcoming "S&M" video. In the photo, Rihanna's rocking a red heart eye patch, which imparts a very feminine pirate effect. Ahoy! SOS, please someone help Rihanna, maties. Though no one needs to save her from her Crayola eight-pack-hued mass of tight red curls à la Moulin Rouge.
We love that Rihanna's all nonchalant, very la-la-la, very, "oh, you caught me naughtily eating THREE scoops of Baskin Robbins" over her shoulder. Or perhaps the heart-shaped eye patch is Rihanna's very glamorous way of taking an eye exam? We envision her reading aloud "E, F, P, T, O, Z" before confirming that the left side is clearer than the right.
Rihanna also tweeted "oh yeah! I got some behind the scenes S&M flix for u #RihannaNavy I’ll give em to u little by little until the vid drops." We're into the sneak previews, Rihanna! Keep 'em coming.

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