Jan 26, 2011

"Red State" Press Rundown...

I am super excited to see this movie now- i was looking forward to it before but with all the press I have seen over the last days I am just psyched!   I think it's funny that my current obsession (Smod pods) has somehow ballooned into this trending topic that the general public is aware of.   If you ask people who have talked to me since September, I usually quote one or two things I heard on Smodcast or one of the other pods in every conversation!!!   And thanks a lot Malcolm, I also way overuse the word 'essentially' now too.   Congrats to the Smodcast/Red State Families!

NewsAskew (@newsaskew)
1/26/11 12:01 AM
"Red State" Rundown: The Sequel! (http://bit.ly/fAH7m4)

“Red State” Rundown: The Sequel!

  • We had no idea that we’d see THIS much press for “Red State” after Sundance, but we are LOVING it — Here’s a rundown of more stories about the film coming across the news desk today…
  • Yahoo News posts a glowing review of the film and spectacle on Sunday. If you’re trying to stay pure and spoiler-free, you might want to avoid reading it top to bottom, but here’s a non-spoiler taste of their opinion:
      …It goes without saying that religious conservatives will hate “Red State,” although those of a more libertarian stripe might appreciate Smith’s irrepressible irreverence, freewheeling subversion and tweaking of movie genre expectations. Young audiences will eat it up for the above reasons as well as for its unmistakable rebel attitude toward everything except human decency.
      Nimbly directed and nicely shot on the RED camera system, the film went before the cameras on September 21, a mere four months before its premiere.
  • How do YOU feel about this week’s announcement of Kevin’s plans for the future? TechDirt sums up the boldness and brilliance of this new distribution model in such a fantastic way, we couldn’t find a way to add to it or say it any better. Take a peek here, but don’t miss this incredibly insightful and well-written editorial:
      “…For those interested in where the movie industry is going, I have to say that the person to watch is Kevin Smith. I’ve written about some of what he’s done before, but he’s continued to do some interesting (and, at times, controversial) things. I have no idea if he’ll succeed with them, but if you want to understand how to succeed, you should be paying attention to what he’s doing either way. Like Reznor, he’s breaking conventional wisdom, and trusting his instincts on — as he says — skating to where the puck is heading, rather than where it’s been.”
  • More awesome ink from The Wrap who conducted an extensive interview with Michael Parks, who we’re seeing unanimously praised for his turn as Abin Cooper. This is one of those pieces you gotta read from start to finish, take our word for it, as Parks seems as direct and honest as you’d expect. Here’s a peek:
      …So I’d go my way and he’d go his and everything was fine. Sometimes you work with some people and you develop a shorthand between the director and the actor. You don’t need to have long dissertations on acting or the scene or the character. It’s very quick. I can’t explain it, except it’s there. We connected that way. He’s not dominant, which is wonderful, but he’s always there, which is good.
      Is he the kind of director where he’s always giving notes on the performance, saying ‘tweak this or that?’
      Oh, Christ no! I’m too old to read anyways.
      So he just kind of let you do your thing?
      Well I think that he had faith that I was going to bring the character. If he saw that he didn’t like it, he sure as hell would say something, I think. There were a couple of times he helped me with suggestions.
      Can you give examples how?
      Yeah, like moments when I could be even a little sweeter, a very important thing. But anyways … the craft of acting takes a long time. I’m never quite sure. In fact, 10 seconds after I finish every scene I do, I think I could do it better, but I just go on.
  • You can now also read Kevin’s extended “Red State”post-reveal monologue at his official blog site today, which he’s done a little extra formatting on for readability. It’s worth a read again, as it continues to sink in just how much this move has shaken up the Hollywood model. Check out SMonologue #8 – Crisis on Infinite Kevs or The Red State Time Machine.
  • AM New York listed “Red State” as one of the five films they thought could rule Sundance , and they sure were not wrong, looking at all the buzz it and Kevin’s campaign have created:
      Red State
      Excitement over Kevin Smith’s new movie has been building for months, partly because itís such a departure from anything he’s done before. Branded a horror film, ‘Red State’ follows three teenage boys during a terrifying encounter with extreme fundamentalism. Smith is avoiding the press machine – no reviews, no interviews, nada – which makes the film all the more mysterious.
    It seems that’s continuing, too — Rumor has it that Kevin has not promised ANY press or promotion of the film when it hits theaters this Fall — Though promotions will, of course continue via online and social channels throughout the tour this year.
  • Take a peek at 3 more photos shot in and around Sundance last weekend. Two look to be from the stage presentation of “Red State”, and of course that shot from the car with Mewes looks more like a candid.
  • We’re saving this one for last, as Den of Geek actually wrote this earlier in the month, before the big premiere and news this week, but if you’re catching up to the story, or want to read a thorough, factually accurate account of the genesis of “Red State” leading up to Sundance, head on over to Den of Geek for their fantastic reporting as well as a post-Sundance update at the end. We agree, guys – Kevin’s going to easily make back the budget and then some, and it’s sure going to be a blast watching it all happen right before the world’s eyes.
  • Want a taste of what’s to come? MarkitPodcast summarizes the marketing aspects of the movie so far, complete with a list of each poster and the charitable donations that it’s generated. As 2011 rolls on, expect similar financial details in this refreshingly open approach to bringing a film to theaters.

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