Jan 31, 2011

Nicki Minaj 'Does the Creep' on 'SNL'

With her character-driven, accent-tinged rhymes and over-the-top attitude and costumes, color us less than surprised that musical guest Nicki Minaj proved herself to be an able actress on last night's "Saturday Night Live" (Jan. 29). 

Musical guest Minaj appeared in two sketches, in addition to her two performed singles, "Right Thru Me" and "Moment 4 Life." Clips of all are below, but allow us to point to "The Creep," a Lonely Island Digital Short on which Nicki made her mark. Nerd-dressed Nicki raps about creeping on boys in the locker room, "ogling and agling." We know that it's you usually having to fend off oglers, Nicki, so kudos for turning it around. (You can buy the track from "The Creep" skit on iTunes, too.)

Video: "The Creep," SNL Digital Short with Nicki Minaj, 1/29/11

And speaking of ogling, Nicki's other sketch found castmates fixated on -- but of course -- her famous backside. In the "Bride of Blackenstein" skit, in which she is created as a bride for Keenan Thompson's Black Frankenstein character, "SNL" host Jesse Eisenberg comments: "I'm sure the swelling in her backside will go down soon." Keenan wants just the opposite, but she puts him in his place. Mmhmm!

Video: "Bride of Blackenstein" Skit with Nicki Minaj, SNL, 1/29/11

Video: "Right Thru Me," Nicki Minaj, SNL, 1/29/11

She even kept the Blackenstein 'do for her performance of "Moment 4 Life," and it fit right in.

Video: "Moment 4 Life," Nicki Minaj, SNL, 1/29/11

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