Jan 30, 2011

The Lost Boys...and other Randomness

When I first started this blog, in 2007, it was about chronicling my adventures for myself.   I figured if there were bits and pieces of it that appealed to anyone else, that was a bonus.   After a while it morphed into a review of everything on tv, and award shows- but then I stopped watching tv.   Definitely hampers my ability to review shows when I am no longer actively watching anything current!   I started watching old shows and movies on Hulu- and still don't have a tv now.   Everything I watch comes to me from Hulu or Netflix (I finally caved and signed up).   In addition to all of these details, there is the fact that I am a ridiculous insomniac.   It doesn't matter if I have been awake the night before and the entire day, once the sun goes down something inside of me clicks and I am awake.  

To fill the empty hours when most people are regaining their strength and resting their bodies, I started creating queues of movies and shows to watch.   At a certain point my Hulu lineup alone had over 300 items- mostly 90+ minute movies.   I realized I was spending more time watching life than living it.   Deciding that wouldn't do, I curtailed my viewing time dramatically and tailored my 'must see' shows severely.   I love 'Chuck' but after a few season of Sarah loving Chuck, Chuck loving Sarah, Chuck being a good spy, Chuck screwing up as a spy, family drama and Nicole Ritchie cameos, I have cut it from the list. (However, I will continue to rock the black and white Converse kicks since that preceded my love of the show!).   Another one that hit the curb- Fringe.   God knows I love watching Olivia & Co. deal with the supernatural.   Peter (Josh Jackson) is a wonderful character, and I have said it before- his father reminds me of my father-in-law, so I retain a certain soft spot for him.   But how many times can they discuss the other world and the odd strangers and William Bell?   I love the show, but it is one I will either watch all at once when it is over in a few years, or not at all.

So, that brings me to today.   For starters, while I like posting news and up to the minute updates regarding the world, celebrity and music- not to mention fashion and beauty...it is exhausting.   The hit counts and traffic to my site are great, but for every couple hundred clicks I only make a penny...my time has got to be worth more than that!   I am going to go back to original content, and I will try to post a collection of cool links every few days or so.   This isn't about getting my site to number one- it's about documenting my thoughts and ideas for me.   You are welcome to come along for the ride- and I welcome your thoughts and comments as well.   I'd appreciate it if they could be kept clean (don't make me be the bad word police) and no racism/hatred of any kind will be tolerated...I believe in your right to freedom of speech as much as anyone but I exercise that right as well and limit your ability to spread negativity on something I endorse.

Tonight I finally watched Avatar.   I have had it sitting on my dresser for almost three weeks.   I'm not sure what kept me from going ahead and watching it- I just felt like committing to watching a 2.5 hour movie was not something I wanted to do- ironic since some nights I will watch 4-5 hours of shows online.   The point is- setting out with the purpose of watching something for that long is different than starting a new show every hour for four hours straight....it's really about intent!   Avatar is amazing.   I know I am over a year late on this one but WOW.   James Cameron, I apologize- you were most definitely robbed!   I saw Hurt Locker a few weeks ago- are you kidding me?   It consisted of sand, soldiers, guns...follow the wires, diffuse the bomb, run...BOOM....repeat.   I was not impressed, I did not like it- and I love Jeremy Renner but WTF?   How did that beat out AVATAR?   Note to self:   Never piss off an ex who can then go on to compete against you in your chosen profession.   Wow.

I titled this post The Lost Boys because I just finished watching that too...but now I will save it and talk about how interesting it is to watch that movie for the first time so many years after it was made.   I will leave you with one last thought/idea.  Do you think there is something symbolic about the fact that Joel Schumacher chose to have a giant Jim Morrison poster hanging on the wall in the vampires lair?   I have the answer- but you have to check my next post for that!

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