Jan 18, 2011

Lord of the Rings...starring The Beatles (AWESOME)

I have been desperately trying to catch up on ALL of the Smodcast shows since I first discovered them in Spetember- Hollywood Babble On, Blow Hard, Tell 'Em Steve Dave', Smodcast, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old and a few others...but these are the four I am currently rotating through.   I started with Hollywood Babble On and have loved it- absolutely adored it.   Kevin Smith is so funny and seems like the most down to earth, normal, horny person ever.   Ralph Garman is uber talented and you can listen and laugh or pay close attention and actually get his jokes.   He does a wicked awesome Harrison Ford impersonation and also Sean Connery (and if Ralph is reading this, you haven't done Connery in a while, bring him back please).   Anyway, I was listening to the New Years Special finally and started laughing so hard I had to pull over- here is Ralph's preview of how the Lord of the Rings would have sounded if it had been made with the Beatles...
Wow.   That would have been such an epic movie.   It wouldn't have made a lot of money but it definitely would have had a huge fan following.   It was supposed to be directed by Stanley Kubrick but it never got made because he felt it would have been too difficult to do...I guess Peter Jackson didn't get that memo!

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