Jan 14, 2011

Little girl freaks out during 'Toddlers & Tiaras' eyebrow wax

Why aren't these mothers being arrested for child abuse?
I have hadmy eyebrows done, and although now it is no big deal, the first few times it was horrifying.   I also have MANY friends with horror stories of waxings gone wrong...so I can absolutely understand why this kid is scared.   It is awful that her mom thinks it's more important for her blonde daughter with no unibrow to undergo this trauma for the sake of winning a trophy.   If you're that desperate for a trophy, I'll buy one and send it to her.   That's a better alternative to the pain you are putting your kid through.   Send me your address...oh, and she can't enter another contest until she WANTS to.

If you're still a bit icked out by our previous posts about little 2-year-old Mia who strutted her stuff on stage in Madonna's cone-bra costume and the mom who admitted she wanted a daughter just to enter her in pageants, make sure you sit down for this one. We've got yet another shocking "Toddlers & Tiaras" clip for you.
On Wednesday's episode of the TLC reality show, 5-year-old Alexis gets her eyebrows waxed. And by the way she screams, it's clear she's had it done before -- with awful results.
"She had a bad experience ... the wax was way too hot, and it actually ripped off her skin," her mom explained on the show. "So she's been kinda terrified since then." 
Gee. I guess that explains why Alexis wasn't too pleased to be going through it again, even with the bribe of candy afterward. What's worse, Mom tells the cameras, "Normally, I would just hold her down and ripped it off."
Check out the clip:

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