Jan 30, 2011

Lea Michele vs Dianna Agron @ 2011 SAG

Ok, here is a prime example of two gorgeous stunning popular starlets on the red carpet at 2011 SAG Awards. One is a slam dunk home run hit, the other is wahhh wahhh wahhhhh...
Photo Gallery: SAG Awards Fashion Trend: Belted Gowns
Oh honey no.   What have you done?   I know you want the Hollywood Foreign Press and your newly found peers to take you seriously but SERIOUSLY?   The dress is matronly, hits you in the oddest calf spot ever and the bow is odd for the rest of the gown (apologies in advance to the designer- this would have been pretty on a 50 year old star, not a young twenty something).   The haor is too severe along with the severity of the dress and the shoes might be cute but they are chunky and weight down the already heavy ensemble.   The eyes are too dark and if you are going to go there, then GIT and spice it up with a brother lip.   Or maybe some jewels?   A necklace would have helped, maybe.   Dianna is stunning- this outfit is not.
Photo Gallery: SAG Awards Fashion Trend: Belted Gowns
Sizzling, sexy, sparkling, sultry...I could keep going but why ruin a good thing?   I like the entire thing- could have agreed to a sparkly shiny dangly roundy clutch thingy but I am not complaining.
The only two criticisms I have is that A) she needed to change the hair a tiny bit- it looks a bit rough, tousled waves would have been prettier and B) this is not an ORIGINAL look, it has been done umpteen times- BUT she did it WELL so it's a win

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