Jan 19, 2011

Lady Gaga Premieres 'Born This Way' Remix at Mugler Fashion Show

Unfortunately the song was already removed from YouTube...but I am sure it is out there...and I will find it eventually and hear it! (I do think it's ironic that this is a Billboard.com article and their source was KO-ed!)

At a Thierry Mugler men's fashion show in Paris today (Jan. 19),Lady Gaga premiered a remix of a track off her highly anticipated album, "Born This Way," due May 23.
Listen: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Remix
Turn your speakers up for this one -- the quality is admittedly poor. By the sound of it, the unreleased remix features Gaga chanting the word "Mugler" repeatedly, in addition to speaking German. A translation of the lyrics suggest they read as: "I am absolutely clear/As long as I'm a Monster/I wish we all could be blind/You're amazing out there."

According to show attendees, Lady Gaga was not at the Mugler fashion show, as many originally believed she would be.

Gaga recently confirmed her involvement in the Thierry Mugler show,announcing via her official Twitter account on Jan. 17: "I'm the musical director for the MUGLER fashion show. I'm remixing/previewing a record on Born This Way, tailored for the show + garments."

This is only the first taste of Gaga's collaboration with Mugler. Tomorrow at noon EST time, Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti will debut a short film scored by Gaga's remix, which will premiere on bothMugler.com and Stylelist.com.

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